Schloss Schönwölkau dilapidating in Saxony

This abandoned castle manor is just off of the Am Muhlenteich or K7 445 in the junction of Wolkau, the municipality of Schönwölkau, the district of Nordsachsen, the free state of Saxony, Germany.

It began as a manor home in 1464 to the Lords of Spiegel. In 1533, the Schonfeld family is mentioned to have owned the home here. The Thirty Years War caused certain destruction and it was acquired by the Vitzhum of Eckstadt in 1659.

The widespread Thurningian noble family, Vitzhum, owned the property in Saxony for many years. The current look was built in 1659 and consists of a square flat plan with a 3 story central section. This castle placed a large facade and carriage house along a passing brook. Imposed and abandoned the Castle Schonwoljau lies in Baroque style in the small area of Wolkau. The castle grounds are open for walks and upon its open parks the south wing is seen to have been restored externally.

The poet, Christian Fear God Gellert, has detailed descriptions of the palace as well as noted marks on staying here.

This castle home is privately owned and the interior is off limits to the public. It is hopeful that a bright future awaits this sprawling castle manor and land. It is stated that the home, land and park are for sale but it is unclear whether it is or not.

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