Center of the Street but Dilapidated Elsnera Apartments

The Elsnera apartment abandoned building is on 3 Elsnera Street, the district of Miechowice, town of Bytom, Silesia region, Poland.

Located centrally among other buildings is a deteriorating section of a great brick street. Surrounding spots suggest this may have been apartments, a hostel or even just a home. All bottom floor windows and doors, save for one wooded entrance, have been bricked off. There are multiple spots around the foundation where pipes, small window pockets or the like once were that can be clearly seen. It may be missing the majority of the roof and all the interior floors. Regardless, the brick walls are refusing to fall.

Where is the abandoned Elsnera street building located? You can find it with these coordinates. 50.361321,18.855546.

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