abandoned air plane interior

Calfornia’s Desert Graveyard of Abandoned Aircraft

Abandoned aircraft, their cockpits and fuselages in the soft desert sand of California.

cockpit interior of abandoned plane

Speckled across the badlands sand lie the remains of some military craft like the North American F-86 Sabre (Sabrejet), B25 Gunship and Boeing B29 planes. Private jets circa the 1970’s lie out of use with broken windows and slowly crumbling interiors.

The Sabrejet was a transonic jet fighter aircraft and was thought to be one of the best and principal fighter planes during the Korean War.

A twin engine North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber gunship is seen below. Painted on the side ‘Ah’m Available Too’ and a burnette. The B-25 was built during World War II and retired as an aircraft in 1979.

Images by Jonathan Haeber and are CC BY NC 2.0.

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