At the End of a Royal Road Lies the Dunseverick Castle Ruin

Dunseverick Castle is just off the 167 – 193 area of Causeway Road, past the outskirts of the village Dunseverick, townland of Feigh, the County Antrim, Ireland.

Traveling along the coast of Ireland you will eventually discover Castle Dunseverick at the end of a road from the Hill of Tara, an ancient Iron Age (1200 BC – 500 BC) monument. The Romano British Christian missionary and bishop of Ireland, Saint Patrick, is stated to have traveled to Dunseverick Castle to baptize future bishop Olcán in the 5th century.

Fergus Mor MacErc, the King of Dál Riata (a western coast Gaelic overkingdom in Scotland), used Dunseverick as his seat of reign during the late 6th century. The Ó Catháin (O’Cahan) clan of Ulster, resided at Dunseverick from 1000 ad to 1320 ad and was in the family possession again during the 1600’s. General Robert Munro captured and destroyed Castle Dunseverick in 1642.

The Dunseverick Castle ruins were even photographed in 1926.

A small tower and the gatelodge ruins were all that remained of Castle Dunseverick in the early 1900’s but in 1978 the tower fell into the sea. The gatelodge of the historic home is all that remains.

Where are the Castle Ruins of Dunseverick located? You can find it with these coordinates. 55.238362,-6.448195.

Image 1 by Klis / Flickr / chrisnoessel and is CC By NC SA 2.0.
Image 2 by Dave Harrison / Flickr / waveneyavenue and is CC BY NC ND 2.0.
Image 3 by John Freeland / Flickr / john_f and is CC BY NC ND 2.0.

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