abandoned home in madison heights virginia

Abandoned Tyler House of the Former Duckbill Farm

The Tyler House is located behind the Dollar General at 4689 South Amherst Highway, town of Madison Heights, Amherst County, Virginia.

The Tyler House was part of the Duckbill Plantation and was built in 1825 and completed by 1828. It is believed to have been built by Captain James Lampkin and bought by the Tyler family in 1885.

The house had 2 bedrooms on each floor, 2 chimneys, several fireplaces, 2 porches, dumbwaiter and extras. The property also had a smokehouse, carriage house, tenant houses and 2 schoolhouses.

“It was a functioning home in my twenties but that was 50 years ago”, stated an unknown but very nice older gentleman near the site. “Such a shame it looks like this and we have a lot of them ’round here”, he continued.

It has been abandoned for over 25 years at least. There is a pamphlet in the upstairs stating 1982 – 1983, which could lead one to believe maybe it was a home then.

The Tyler family still owns 250 acres or so of land around the home but 8 acres near the highway was sold off including the home. Off the side of the Amherst Highway now lies a Dollar General but hidden behind it is this amazing now abandoned home. It is unclear whether the home will be demolished or renovated or just forgotten but in 2001 it was stated to be set for demolition that never occurred.

Where is the abandoned Tyler House located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.444516,-79.118273.

tyler house aerial of abandoned home

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