Zone de Captage – Forbidden Access at an Abandoned House

Located in North East France lies this dilapidated house / government service building that looks to be completely falling apart.

Besides being ravaged by time it is located on government property with signs stating “zone de captage acces interdit”. This translates to “Catchment Area Forbidden Access”.

In the Moselle department of Lorraine; next to some ponds and other houses lies this home that had been abandoned for some reasons unknown. There is an OPTEX satellite dish on the exterior of the building. It looks rather new resulting in the idea that this structure must have been more recently abandoned.There is graffiti and ripped tarps. The roof is collapsing and some of the wooden shutters are damaged, missing or broken. The windows that were exposed allowed weather, animals, insects and whatever else to deteriorate the inside of this structure faster after it was shuttered from use.

At the end of Rue des Près you will find a gate stating Villa De Metz Services des Euax . The home resides in Maizières-lès-Metz, a commune in the Grand Est region of France.

UPDATE : It looks as if this building was demolished sometime after 2012.

If you are wonder where it was; you can find it with these coordinates. 49.211126, 6.171262.

Images 1 and 2 by Pixo7000/Flickr under CCL.

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