Abandoned Virginia home in Evington

The House of the Five Black Doors – Abandoned in Virginia

The abandoned home of the five black doors is at 13622 U.S. Route 29 (Wards Road) in Lynchburg, Virginia.

abandoned house in rural central virginia

Much of the history of this 3 bedroom home is hard to find. It is known to have been inhabited in 1995 but other than that it seems a mystery. Nature has begun to grow around the home and is slowly reclaiming the exterior foundation. Known as the ‘Home of the Five Black Doors’ due to the fact that 5 of the doors in the house are painted black. The home is complete with a basement and attic and quaint little yard. From the pictures it can be seen that metal thieves may have already taken what they needed from the home.

All images by Abandoned Playgrounds.

Where is the abandoned home off of Wards Road in Lynchburg located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.313893,-79.186375.

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