The Dereliction of Grand-Bassam

Abandoned, desolate and cut out forlorn buildings dot the civil landscape around this south lying town of the République de Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

During the late 1800’s, this town was the French Colonial Capital City spouting growth and prosperity. In 1896, the capital was transferred to Bingerville due to a yellow fever outbreak. This caused a decline in constant growth, however the Ivory Coast’s first port facility was Grand-Bassam and in 1897 the wharf was built.

It was rebuilt in 1923 and those are the landmarks of the past that are still there today. Over time more wharfs were built and the Capital title was never transfered back. With that Grand Bassam began to decline in population and economic gain.

By the 1960’s the town was almost fully abandoned with just locals he may have decided to stick around. The town was gone. In the 1970’s, tourists and dreamers began to revive life into the town as a craft centre and commercial tourist area. Today, it has become a thriving resort town.

The 1976 movie, Black and White in Color was filmed at Grand-Bassam. (Watch)

UNESCO designated Grand-Bassamn a World Heritage Site in 2012.

In 2016, the town was a target to terrorist attacks.

You can find this town with these coordinates. 5.222266, -3.755222.

Photo 1 by Y Voir Plus /CC.

Photo 2 by Paul C 1 /CC.

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