abandoned mansion in California

The Abandoned Jackling House Mansion of Steve Jobs

The abandoned Jackling House Mansion resided at 460 Mountain Home Road in the small town of Woodside, San Mateo County, California.

California architect George Washinton Smith designed Jackling House for Daniel Cowan Jackling in 1925. Daniel Cowan Jackling was a wealthy copper mining mogul. The home was built in Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style. Inside the home he also had a built in pipe organ installed by the Aeolian Company. The home offered open air balconies, a game room, elevator, gardens, tunnel underneath the house to get around, marble bathroom sinks, a grand staircase complete with chandelier, a butler’s kitchen, a regular kitchen and so much more.

There is apparently a statue that was erected in Utah of the copper mining tycoon, Daniel Cowan Jackling(Source).

Steve Jobs, the now deceased Apple Inc. billionaire, bought the mansion in 1984 and lived there until 1994. The home was then rented until 2000, after which Steve Jobs began to cease maintenance of the 20th century mansion. In 2004, Steve Jobs received permission by the Woodside council to demolish the house now that it had been damaged by weather to build a new home on the premises. The town of Woodside and Steve Jobs then had a lawsuit brought against them for overlooking the historic landmark of a home and property. The mansion was allowed to fall into decay even though there were reasonable measures in which to preserve it. This sparked much tension as many believed this was due to Jobs being a billionaire. Also, that there was no proof that demolishing the property would provide an overriding benefit to the public and the cost to preserve the house was less than demolishing and building another one.

In 2006, Uphold Our Heritage won in a decision by Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner that Steve Jobs could not tear down Jackling House. In 2007, Steve Jobs appealed to the State Court of Appeals and it was refused. However, the Woodside Town Council granted Steve Jobs a permit in 2009 to dismantle the home and move it to a new residence after Jobs submitted a new application with updated estimates on the house. Magalli Yoho, offered to the remove the mansion and put it on her property in Woodside, as she loved the home. In 2010, the Superior Court Judge Marie Weiner, upheld the Woodside Town Council decision which allowed Steve Jobs to demolish the home.

In 2011, the historic residence of Daniel Cowan Jackling was demolished. 8 months later Steve Jobs died of cancer. A new home was never built, but an outdoor pool was installed and the grounds cleared. The future of the land is now unknown.

Hard to believe that the home is still on the close up of Google Maps, as if the ghost home still remains.

Where were the abandoned Jackling House Mansion ruins located? You can find the now empty grounds with these coordinates. 37.416676,-122.258388

All images used and licensed under CC BY NC 2.0. All images by Jonathan Haeber / Www.terrastroies.com.

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