Crumbling Home Abandoned in Augusta County

Following along Estaline Valley Road you will come across this beautiful rural home in Augusta County, Virginia.

An amazingly styled 2-story house with a mix of Federal and Greek Revival architectural designs. The 2nd floor door was impressively detailed complete with a transom light and side-lights. It gave the facade the elegant look it has begun to lose. Over time windows had slowly been bricked up and whatever glass panes did remained were broken. As you can see in the picture above, the attic windows are next each of the chimneys.

In the picture below you will see it from 2009 before complete collapse has set in. The metal roofing has almost completely peeled up and all walls still seem intact. There is a gaping hole and some partially caving in of the roof on the upstairs left.

Another I-House design of rural Virginia just south west of the Augusta County Penitentiary.

These are the coordinates for this structural decay of bricks. 38.049372, -79.386798.  This photograph is from 2009.

Photo 1 released to Public Domain from Wikipedia.

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