Into the Belly of the Beast – Abandoned Mother Goose Land

drowned abandoned whale

The abandoned whale is all that is of an old time amusement park for kids known as Mother Goose Land. It began in 1954 by selling square feet to residents who were interested in backing a mother gooseland environment for children.

Slogans included : “For Youngsters and the Young at Heart Only!!” and “No Adults Admitted Unless Accompanied by a Child”

Statues of the wizard of oz characters to pose with. Mother Goose’s Boot you could climb in. Firetrucks of the era you could sit in. Hickory Dickory Dock, Cabbage Patch, Humpty Dumpty, Old mill Wheel, Three Little Pigs with many other tales. A jet fighter plane that had a slide through it. A locomotive and so much more that leaves people frothing with beloved memories.

All that remains are the gaping mouthed whale, 2 differently styled “towers” with some attached wall and Deeply loved memories of a land now gone. Both towers are 2-story brick and cement structures that are sealed and standing. The whale was sealed up at one point, homeless people may or may not have used it for shelter and who knows what else and transpired in this timeless mouth.

Today, some of the former pieces of Mother Goose Land now reside at Sluggers and Putters. The whale was stated to be too deeply cemented to remove.

In 2014, acts to renew the park went under way for it to become an arts park. It must have been too expensive and some benches and trails were added instead.

You can park at city field park and see the whale and stand where Mother Goose Land once was with this address. 423 Schroyer Ave SW, Canton, Ohio 44702.

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 from Mother Goose Land FaceBook.

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