Fixer Upper House in Nova Scotia – Small Abandoned Home

home in nova scotia abandoned

This ubiquitous one family home resides along the rolling cement of New Cumberland Road at 1449 in Conquerall Mills, Nova Scotia.

Painted a rustic blue and white, this house has a wooden frame and a wooden door with an octagonal window. The shingles are tattering up almost as if a vulture or anther bird or prey had been scratching their beaks along it. A single light bulb is attached to the wood bracing. A bit of gutter was added to the roof hedge in line with the front door.

abandoned cedar built house canada

A key lock keeps the battered wooden front door tightly sealed but the windows do not look as secure. Weeds and hunks of wood, a metal rim and a plastic 5 gallon bucket sit in an unkempt front yard. Drapes hide any view of what may be inside. There is a side addition on the right that would have some intrigue as to what life/lives were led in this home.

The window in the upstairs, above the little shed addition looks completely collapsed at the bottom. What caused this house to be abandoned? Asbestos, too small, too old, too much water damage, mold or just plain forgot? No matter the case, it is a home that could be envied.

Images 1 and 2 by Bembe1964 under CCL.

You can find this picture perfect gem of an abandoned Canadian home with these coordinates. 44.298877, -64.471982

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