Abandoned Olympia Beer Brewery of Tumwater Falls

The original brewery for Olympia beer is across from the Tumwater Historical Park and along the Deschutes River at Capitol Boulevard South East, the city of Tumwater, Thurston County, Washington.

Olympia Brewery was founded by the German immigrant, Leopold Schmidt, in 1896. It was originally named The Capital Brewing Company and consisted of a 4 story brew house, an ice factory powered by the Tumwater Falls, a keg and bottling plant and a 5 floor cellar building. The name was changed to Olympia Brewing Company in 1902 and their slogan was changed to ‘It’s the Water’. In 1916, statewide prohibition followed by nationwide prohibition ceased production until 1934. During this time a new Olympia Brewery was built upstream from the site.

Evel Knievel was sponsored by Olympia beer during its high time. During the booming reign several films featured and supported Olympia beer including The Graduate, Chrome and Hot Leather, Magnum Force and many many more.

The original Olympia Brewery eventually closed and now is in a historic state of dis-repair.

You can find some vintage and modern Olympia Brewery items here.

Where is the old Olympia Brewery located? You can find it with these coordinates. 47.019238, -122.902517.

Images used and licensed under CC By NC SA 2.0.
Images by Cherie Priest / Flickr.

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