The Remains of the Abandoned Glen Davis Shale Site in Australia

abandoned in australia

The remains of the extensive Glen Davis Shale Site and Oil Works are located off of Warrool Street, in Glen Davis, New South Wales, Australia.

The Glen Davis Shale Oil Works was operated by the National Oil Proprietary Limited and they extracted oil from the Glen Davis shale site in Capertree Valley, New South Wales, Australia. This establishment is all that is left from that venture between 1939 and 1952 that failed from lack of production growth. The site is massive, there was a store/shop, a hotel, retort buildings that were involved with the manufacturing process in collecting the oil gathered from the shale rocks mined in the hills and more. The Glen Davis Shale Oil Works provided the country of Australia with one fifth of its shale oil during its operation.

australia's abandoned buildings

The shale oil produced by the Glen Davis Shale Oil Works was considered a strategic resource during World War II. A National Security Act in 1942 led to the government take over of the company. An expansion of the site in 1946 led to poor production and a lack of shale mined which reduced the output. By 1949, the government had acquired all the private shareholdings of the company. The shortage of oil produced continued into the 1950’s and in 1952 the government ceased funding to the project and it closed. This caused the miners to strike but after 26 days the strike ended without success.

It was the filming location for the ‘Paradise Valley’ in the 1980 movie Chain Reaction.

decay of movie set abandoned

Where is the abandoned Glen Davis Shale Site located? You can find it with these coordinates. -33.122529,150.299424.

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