The Abandoned Pool and Buildings of BVB Stadion

Derelict pool in Germany used by the Wehrmacht

The old swimming pool and abandoned club house of the BVB Stadion (also BVG Stadium) is on the Siegfriedstraße 142, the district of Lichtenberg, country of Berlin, Germany.

The stadium was built in 1920 and completed in 1922. The out door swimming pool was added to the stadium in 1928. The pool was used actively until the late 1980s.

abandoned pool in Germany

During World War II anti-aircraft units of the German Wehrmacht used the stadium as an ammunition dump. In the 1990’s, while under renovation, 5 tons of ammunition with some still being active and a 250 pound bomb were found buried on the site. The stadium was given the new lawn seen afterwards.

The turf of the stadium is still active and in use today, along with the tennis courts and new club house. The pool, a few out buildings and a club house and seats are all that remain abandoned of the BVB Stadion. A few buildings further out are roofless and decaying behind the NISSAN lot next door, but they may not have been part of the original stadium.

cars outside abandoned spot in Germany

Where is the abandoned BVB Stadium located? 52.530755,13.502337.

abandoned Wehrmacht pool

Images 1 and 2 by Angela Monika Arnold / Wikimedia Commons and licensed under CC By SA 3.0.

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