The Abandoned and Haunted Mansfield Training School

The Mansfield Training School and Hospital (commonly referred to as the Knight Hospital / Asylum) is on and around Walters Avenue, Depot Campus of the University of Connecticut, the village of Storrs, town of Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut.

The original hospital was called the Connecticut School for Imbeciles at Lakeville and was located in Lakeville. Later the name was changed to the Connecticut Training School for the Feebleminded at Lakeville. This school merged with the Connecticut Colony for Epileptics in 1917, which was located in Mansfield. It was named the Mansfield Training School and Hospital and opened with 402 students on the property located in Storrs. Throughout the Great Depression and World War II the rise of patients increased to over 1,000.

The children who resided here would hand mold the concrete blocks that were used to build barns and more at the school. Farm labor was believed to avert epileptic seizures and many suffering from epilepsy farmed the food for the school as occupational therapy.

By 1969, Mansfield Training School had 875 staff members and 1,600 occupying residences. After this a decrease of residents began to occur and by 1991 only 140 persons were at the school for care. Mansfield Training School was closed in 1993 after lawsuits arose over the governing environment of the school.

Mansfield Training School was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. This included 60 buildings which were of different architectural styles including Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals, Late Victorian and Greek Revival, a farm and 350 acres of land.

Mansfield Training School has gotten plenty of attention, for it is believed to be haunted. The caretaker’s residence was used in the 2011 television episode ‘The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion’ on Paranormal Witness. Many who visit the Mansfield Training School speak of more the one occasion and more than one building have mysterious occurrences.

The buildings are now currently owned by the University of Connecticut.

Where are the abandoned ruins of the Mansfield Training School and Hospital located? You can find them with these coordinates. 41.806709,-72.296396.

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