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Welcome Home to an Abandoned Place

The Welcome Home abandoned place is on the 300 block of North Coolwell Road, the town of Madison Heights, Amherst County, Virginia.

There are many ways to say Welcome Home, bienvenido a casa, willkommen zu hause, bienvenue à la maison, but none more so like an empty place that was once a dream house. 2 stories with 2 fireplaces and a staircase from heaven make up this residence. There is also an old truck in the back becoming just as over run by nature as the home is. The floors are collapsing, the bricks are tumbling, the foundation is breaking apart but this home has many years of the world on its shoulders. An old scythe lay right at the entrance. Markings from teenagers or other vandals are depicted on the walls. During the summer the home is completely and utterly hidden, its existence becoming as forgotten as those who once treasured living in its walls.

A dead animal in a pan, a saucer for some tea and possibly some pepper. Great for your afternoon snack.

Peeling paint and a staircase falling from the wall.

Even the former entrance has trees beginning to disguise its stone walls.

Scratches on the walls.

The old truck, BEATINGU perhaps?

Where is this abandoned place located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.527437, -79.090443.

Photographs by Abandoned Playgrounds.

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