forgotten home in maryland

Lovely Abandoned Maryland Home Being Reclaimed By Nature

This abandoned home can be found on 3410 Sudlersville Road in Sudlersville in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

The picturesque home resides on over 300 acres of land. This house is assessed at $80,800 and is located on land that is zoned as agricultural. It is slowly being reclaimed by nature and the environment around it. Many of the windows have been lost to the years but the roof seems intact. There are over 15 windows on the facade alone and there are 2 chimneys. The grand eloquence of this brick colonial style home can still be seen even in its decaying state.

abandoned home in maryland over come with nature

overgrown with nature

Where is this abandoned mansion home located? You can find it with these coordinates. 39.183841,-75.877291.

abandoned maryland house on farmland

All images are All Rights Reserved and use with permission by Ken Wales [flickr/kenwales].

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