Hawthorne’s Abandoned and Burned ‘Boat House’

The New Jersey Boat House abandoned

The boat house is a ‘ship-shaped’ home with a raised ‘upper deck’ located on Lynack Road, in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Various leads state the house has been abandoned for 20 or more years. The home had multiple floors and rooms and even a tennis court in the back yard. The two tiered landscape has inviting stone stairs and walling, which is now overgrown by trees and ivy. Nature is really flourishing in the back yard.

As of 2015, it is deteriorating quickly. Vandals have claimed the area as well, having broken almost every window and leaving graffiti to cover almost ever bit of walls.

Many who lived near the ‘Boat House’ have wonderful stories of life in the same neighborhood. A lot of blabber on the web says that a murder and demonic rituals have taken place there and that it now is used by gang lords. None of this seems true as the area feels to be a safe neighborhood.

Several reports have made claims that there is a bunker underneath it, proof of that can not be found. For now it remains an interesting abandoned house that was glorious in its name day.

Smooth easy access, quiet neighborhood but there are No Trespassing signs on the property.

A few years ago a fire was started on the inside which caused the top floor to collapse and extensive burn damage to be done.

Images by Abandoned Playgrounds.

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