Abandoned Sighnaghi High School in Kakheti

Old school papers in defunct Europe school of Georgia

The abandoned Sighnaghi High School is in the town of Sighnaghi, the region of Kakheti, Georgia / Sakartvelo.

Exterior of abandoned school in Sakartvelo

The Sighnaghi High School history is sparse to find in the generally small town of Sighnaghi. The economy of this town is provided by the production of wine, Mcvadi (Georgian traditional food) and traditional carpets. Sighnaghi is known as the ‘Love City’ but this abandoned school is no longer shown any love. The school is relatively small and the gym has seen better days. Parchment and pictures lie scattered with broken chairs and desks in piles. Seen in the background of the school are the 18th century remains of the fortress walls erected by King Heraclius II of Georgia to defend Sighnaghi from attacks by the Dagestan tribesmen.

Abandoned school in Sakartvelo

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Gym in dilapidated and forlorn country

decaying and trashed school in Europe

derelict school in small Europe town

Where is the abandoned school in Sighnaghi located? You can find Sighnaghi with these coordinates (the exact location of the school is hard to find on G Maps). 41.617448,45.920145.

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