Abandoned Grossinger’s Catskill Resort and Hotel in New York – Borscht Belt

These 12 photos of the Borscht Belt’s Grossinger Catskill Resort and Hotel are filled with decay. The former hot spot is located in the Catskill Mountains off of Grossinger Golf Crescent Road, in the Town of Liberty, New York.

Asher Selig Grossinger and his wife Malke, with their daughter Jennie Grossinger started with 1 house on 100 acres of land in 1919 and called it Grossinger’s Terrace Hill House. In 1952 they became the first skiing resort to use artificial snow. By the time Jennie died in 1972 the hotel had become a massive resort on 1,200 acres of land, with 35 buildings, an airstrip and post office, and it served over 150,000 guests a year. From the late 1970’s and continuing until it’s closure in 1986, the resort could not keep the attraction of younger visitors and began to deteriorate in use. In 1985 the descendants of the Grossinger’s sold the hotel to Hotels International, though they failed in any renovation attempts and the resort closed in 1986. The property was then bought by Servico but they also have not had luck in reopening the resort. The Grossinger Golf Course, known as ‘Big G’ has been re-opened since 2011.

Rocky Marciano, the world famous boxer, trained here during his boxing years in the 1950’s.

It is now owned by Louis Cappelli as of September 2013. It remains out of use and abandoned.

You can read Growing Up At Grossinger’s by Tania Grossinger or check out this postcard of the Grossinger’s Resort.

Images used under the Creative Commons License. Images by Jonathan Haeber.

Where is the abandoned Grossinger Catskill Resort in the Borscht Belt located? You can find this funky place with these coordinates. 41.790281,-74.727421.

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