12 Photos of Abandoned Luxury – Hillside Mansion in Taipei

Luxury of abandoned playground

An earthquake has left this mansion and others standing desolate and empty in the Xizhi District of Taipei City, Taiwan. Formerly belonging to a TV director or producer, the Green Mansion was priced at more than $10 million.

beautiful abandoned Taiwan

Now abandoned, it previously portrayed the living place of Dao Ming Si, in the television drama Meteor Garden during 2001.

There is a dining room with a stage, swimming pool and sauna, a dual ‘grand’ staircase, a butler kitchen, some intact chandeliers and many different bedrooms in this 2 building, multi floor complex along Xiwan Road.

elegant abandoned place

decay of luxury mansion abandoned playground

The area is claimed to be a loss, becoming greatly overgrown with nature. There is dirt and plants filling the swimming pool, almost every window is smashed and the area is deemed ‘unsafe’ due to seismic activity by the government.

pool filled with dirt and grass at abandoned mansion

Rumor has it that the KMT (the political party, Kuomintang) once used it as a place of secret business.

Images courtesy of Tong Lam, whose photographic book of abandoned architecture and places you can pick up here or here.

It has been described as “gaudy” and as a “Scarface house” on the internet and is now made more alluring by its abandonment and further neglect.

It has been said this mansion was actually used in some movies, do you know what movies? Please comment and let us know!

Where is the abandoned industrial style, movie set, abandoned mansion in Taiwan located? You can find it with these coordinates. 25.106064, 121.643065.

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