Public School of 1912 Abandoned in Bedford

The Public School of Bedford Elementary is along Longwood Avenue, the town of Bedford, Bedford County, Virginia.

This abandoned Spanish Colonial Revival building was built in 1912. It was known simply as The Public School. It is thought of as one of the finest of its kind in all of Virginia due to its ornate style and architectural caliber. The structure is comprised of 2 floors.

Legend by local kids and others state that the school was closed when a janitor hung himself somewhere in the building.

The exterior lighting was provided by the class of 1941.

Paint peeling from all the walls.

As you can see the high ceilings were later covered by modern atrocities which are now all falling away.

Ivy begins to overtake the back half of the building.

You can access yearbooks from the 1940s and before to Bedford Schools HERE.

Where is the abandoned Bedford Public School located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.339257,-79.521071.

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