abandoned playgrounds in virginia

My Lords and Ladies, The Abandoned Renaissance Faire Grounds

The Virginia Renaissance Faire was a nice little place in the city of Fredricksburg. Abandoned, empty and derelict but not void of life. Bow hunters, paintball groups and horseback riding clubs are said to use the area regularly.

Along Kings Highway it degrades slowly and was said to be for sale at one time for over $6 million dollars.

Ships, cathedrals, taverns and inns, small shops and stables, all the things of a prosperous medieval town.

It began in 1996, after a large investment into the project. Virginia’s hot and humid climate had a hand in the closure of this merriment park. The heavy atmosphere and low sales eventually led to the end of the ‘feudal age port’ in 1996.

Without further ado, more of the fair! Very reminiscent of A Knight’s Tale.

Images courtesy and used with permission from Steve Doherty.

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