Kaserne Krampnitz – The Abandoned Military Barracks of The Third Reich – Used in Inglorious Basterds

Kaserne Krampnitz or the Krampnitz Barracks, is located in Potsdam, Brandenburg, Berlin, Germany

Kaserne Krampnitz was used by the German Army in 1937 and was continued to be used by Nazi’s until the end of the Second World War. On April 26, 1945, the day after it was abandoned from German use, the Soviet Army used and was stationed their until its abandonment in 1992.

abandoned nazi movie set

The complex consists of 50+ buildings like apartments, a theater, storage, an officers’ club, and even a tennis court. It is left mostly alone other than the occasional tourist and is believed to be set location shoots for the movie Inglourious Basterds and Enemy at the Gates.

The vastness of such a compound is truly amazing.

Where is the abandoned Kaserne Krampnitz located? You can find Krampnitz with these coordinates. 52.46188,13.043153.

Images used under the Creative Commons License. All images by Howzey. Click their name to view the whole photoset of Kaserne Krampnitz.

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