Schossberger Castle Abandoned Jewel of Tura

abandoned castle in hungary

Schossberger Castle (Schossberger kastély) is off of Park Utca 35, the town of Tura, Pest County, Hungary.

The manor Schossberger was constructed from 1873 until its completion in 1883. It was designed by the famous architect Miklós Ybl at the request of Baron Sigismund Schossberger. Once Baron Sigismund Schossberger was knighted by Emperor Franz Joseph, he wanted an estate that equaled his new status and growing family. The mansion was built of brick but plastered to resemble that of cut stone and was poised at the highest point of the yard around to appear even bigger than it was. Miklós Ybl added accents to the exterior of the mansion to resemble French Renaissance castles, with a natural shale French roof, high chimneys, decorative tin ornaments, dormer windows and towers.

interior of lost place in Hungary

The castle was passed down to Sigismund’s son, Victor. Upon Victor’s death his 2 children inherited the castle, all of who struggled to maintain the castle. World War II broke out and German officers used the castle for housing and in 1944, the castle was abandoned at the advancement of the Red Army. It was used as a war hospital in 1945. In 1946, it became a primary school and was named a national monument in 1958. It was a primary school until 1973, after which it was abandoned. It became owned by a public company and has been sold and bought several times since the 1980’s.

The Castle was used as the film setting for Moonacre Manor in the 2007 film, The Secret of Moonacre (Watch or Read).

interior design of abandoned castle

Castle Tura, the company, intends to transform Castle Schossberger into a 5 star hotel. They will add a second wing, refurbished park, conference room, luxury restaruant and over 100 rooms. Hopefully this will never happen as it should remain a national monument open to the public.

exterior architecture abandoned in Hungary

Where is the abandoned Schossberger kastély located? You can find it with these coordinates. 47.604441,19.601176.

All images used and licensed under CC BY SA 2.5 HU. Images by Torobala / Wikimedia Commons.

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