Moonhole of Bequia – Exotic Abandoned Home Cut Out Of Island Rock

The Moonhole is abandoned on the island of Bequia, the Grenadines, of the Caribbean.

Bequia is the island of the clouds, and hosts truly remarkable stone homes you can rent and visit. This particular home was built underneath an archway with good intentions by Thomas and Gladys Johnston in the 1960’s. Over the years, falling rocks from the archway have made it unsafe to occupy this home. It is called the Moonhole because the setting moon shines through the archway. It is hard to find good interior photographs because trespassing and entry are forbidden, though some do manage to find their way in.

Many travel to the exotic, sleek and peaceful destination of Moonhole in Bequia of the Grenadines.

Where is the tropical abandoned oasis of Moonhole? You can find it with these coordinates. 12.992146,-61.276701. Though you cannot zoom in close enough to see or distinguish anything.

All images by Karyn Christner / Flickr / toofarnorth and are CC BY 2.0.

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