Kupari Military Resort is 9 Abandoned Hotels Damaged by War

remnants of abandoned Croatia hotel

Kupari Military Resort is off the D8 State Road of the Adriatic Highway, the village of Kupari, part of the valley and towns of Župa dubrovacka, in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia.

Abandoned kupari hotels

Kupari was converted into a military resort in the 1960’s by the Yugoslav People’s Army. It was to be a grand luxury resort for its military personal and their families. The area that the Kupari Military Resort complex is made up of consists of 9 hotels, a camp, central technical facility, auxiliary structures, 2 residential houses, a clinic and Administration Building, an underground structure called Potkop (it was used by high ranking government officials only), a restaurant and indoor swimming pool. The hotels of the military resort are : Borovka Villa I and II, Galeb Hotel, Goricina Hotel I and II, Grand Hotel, Kupari Hotel and the Pelegrin Hotel. The Kupari Camp was able to accommodate the most amount of visitors holding 4,500 people. Searching for more funds, the government opened the resort up to foreign tourist in the 1980’s. The entire complex was significantly damaged in the Croatian War of Independence in 1991. Targeted several times, the Pelegrin Hotel was directly hit and received hard damage. The interior was also destroyed by Croatian Army men when it was used as a temporary shelter. The Kupari Hotel was burned entirely and is now just the bare structure.

The Grand Hotel is the oldest building on the property having been built in 1919 with most of the others being built in the 1960’s or after.

decay in croatia

85% of the Kupari Resort area is owned by the government who this year has been spinning word about Project Kupari. In this they wish to find an investor to turn the land over to who could re invent the tourist area that lies along the Adriatic Sea. Unfortunately all the buildings are in an advanced deteriorating state causing investment problems though some rooms of some hotels have had minor repairs. The exteriors of every building have shrapnel damage and missile holes and all furniture has been removed or destroyed.

Military complex hotel abandoned

Where is the abandoned Kupari Tourist Complex located? You can find it with these coordinates. 42.620823,18.187645

Aerial view of Kupari abandoned

Image 2 used and licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image 2 by Robert Cutts Flickr/panr.
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