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Bective Abbey Abandoned Ruins Used in Braveheart

The Bective Abbey (Mainistir Bheigthí) is on L4010 in the County Meath, province of Leinster, Ireland.

Located along the River Boyne, the Bective Abbey was built in the year 1150 as a daughter house to the Mellifont monastery. The abbey is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and was used as a monastic seat of Parliament by The Pale (the part of Ireland that was under direct control of English rule during the Middle Ages). The abbey was closed during the suppression of the monasteries which occurred between 1536 and 1541 under the rule of Henry VIII, King of England. Henry VIII confiscated all of the monastery properties and dissolved them after it was passed by Parliament that he was the Head of Church. Bective Abbey was one of the first to fall under his ruling and has been abandoned, later becoming ruins ever since.

Bective abbey is a national monument and is open to the public. In 2012, more land was bought from the farm that the abbey resides on to allow for a car park and walkway to Bective Abbey.

The Mainistir Bheigthí was used as a film setting in scenes of the Mel Gibson movie, Braveheart (Watch or Read).

Where are the Bective Abbey ruins located? You can find it with these coordinates. 53.582481,-6.702756.

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