abandoned burial vaults halloween

Abandoned Burial Vaults on Your Halloween

Fort Hill Burial Park is off of Wards road, the city of Lynchburg, Virginia.

forgotten burial vaults

Made in excess, these concrete burial vaults have been laying unused for over 6 years at the back of a cemetery. They are slowly becoming overgrown by twisted vines and thorns and surrounded by massive earthen nests of brown wolf spiders. Some have been smashed, pushed over hills and dumped on with excess dirt from the neighboring burial vault makers on the hill. Some have cracked lids or have had their lids pushed off and are filled with water from countless rains. Small trees have begun to burst up around these vaults making them an eerie sight and upon first look leaves one wondering if they have anything inside.

broken burial vaults

Grave liners became popular in the 20th century and are used to prevent a coffin from sinking hence preventing the grave site to be sunken in. Since burial vaults do not decompose they are believed to be environmentally and the production of the concrete coffin holders used over 13,000 tons of steel and over 1 million tons of concrete per year. Burial vaults can be sealed to tightly and the pressure from the decomposing built up gases can cause the vault to rupture. It is stated the burial vaults do not prevent the decomposition of the body within the coffin, but embalming then placing in a coffin then placing in a concrete box sounds pretty unreal. Green burials offer a fantastic alternative to all this and does not over produce concrete, steel or require embalming a person.

Happy Halloween!

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Where are the overgrown and ever spooky burial vaults located? You can find them with these coordinates. 37.376321,-79.17646

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