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Abandoned Kuhn Memorial State Hospital Deteriorates in Mississippi

The derelict almost haunted Kuhn Memorial State Hospital lies abandoned on 1422 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi.

The decaying Kuhn Memorial State Hospital has a rich history. It began as the Vicksburg’s City Hospital from an estate in the 1840’s and expanding and ending as a multi-building institution in 1989. In 1871 the state of Mississippi took over the hospital and renamed it the State Charity Hospital at Vicksburg. Mr. Kuhn was a former resident of Vicksburg and upon his death in 1954 he left his estate to the Vicksburg Charity Hospital. It was decided that the money would be used to expand the hospital and would be named after him. After a few years of questioning to stop funding by the state it was finally decided in 1989 that funding would cease, Kuhn Memorial State Hospital was closed.

The basement of the hospital held records dating to the pre-1900’s. The 4th floor was a minimum security prison. The inmates would do menial tasks for the hospital such as cleaning and clerking. There was the Confederate Veterans Annex and a wing for patients with mental disabilities. The Pest House was also a building just near the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital to house patients with infectious diseases until they were better.

Hopefully this hospital that helped so many will be preserved instead of demolished.

Where is the abandoned Kuhn State Memorial Hospital located? You can find Kuhn Memorial with these coordinates. 32.35491,-90.869959.

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