Interior of devils farmhouse abandoned

Abandoned Farmhouse Built by the Devil in Malta

Located near the coast of a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea is this abandoned farmhouse.

The home is believed to have been a “Cavalerizza” or horse riding school and stable from before the 18th century.

devils abandoned malta building

Styled in Vernacular architecture with slit windows, it is not designed in typical Maltese fashion. In fact, this structure is believed to have been built by the Devil himself in 1 – 3 days in local myth and lore. The island of Malta has been settled to known record since 5200 BC so there is no wonder that old folklore would be whispered still.

Inscriptions found on the walls and wood record transactions of different sales. The high roofs suggest the stables were for more than cows. 2 staircases lead from the ground to the roof of the stables suggesting a hunting stand or even a roof top garden.

stone building abandoned in europe

The building is pretty isolated and much is dilapidated with roofs collapsing and the walls crumbling. This Farmhouse of the Devils is called Ir-Razzett tax-Xitan by the locals and currently owned by the Maltese Government. It is listed as a Grade 1 national monument which prevents it from ever being demolished.

You can find this decaying structure with these coordinates. 35.955851, 14.350083

aerial view of abandoned malta

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 by Continentaleurope/Wikimedia.

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