Abandoned Burnt Out Car of Monte Moro

Private, calm and alone in a tunnel sits the shell and burned out remainder of a car. The remains are inside the desolately perched World War II Bunkers of Monte Moro. Alone it is residing in the mountain at the outskirts of Genoa, the capital city of Liguria.

The Moro Mountain bunkers were used for a great many things but when this vehicle arrived is unknown. There were bunkers thatĀ Benito Mussolini had built at the end of World War II. Perhaps this was one or maybe it was there to help the surrounding cities. Information seems to be a little hard to find. There was a restaurant almost at the top of the mountain. The winding road gracefully shows you views overlooking the Ligurian Sea en route to the entrances of Mount Moro.

Twisted metal, burnt and ashed out inside, no tires. Completely excised of an entire outside layer. ThisĀ  rusting corpse is all that remains.There is no interior to portray, just a molten mass. A mysterious, dilapidated lump of metal.

You can find this car within these coordinates. 44.390341,9.01905.

More of the Mount Moro World War II bunkers.

Pictures courtesy of Matt.

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