The Haunted and Abandoned Baker Hotel of Texas

The Baker Hotel is located on 200 E. Hubbard Street, Mineral Wells, Texas.

Construction for the Baker Hotel began in 1925 and was completed in 1929 costing 1.2 million dollars. It all began when local community members were concerned about the growing popularity of the towns mineral water and were worried that non-citizens were profiting off of it. They decided to raise $150,000 in effort to build a large hotel that would be owned by local shareholders. They solicited this idea to Theodore Brasher Baker, who had already designed and built 2 other hotels.

After construction began Theo Baker decided that the hotel must have a swimming pool. It would be the first swimming pool built for a hotel in Texas and it was to be filled with the curing mineral water the town was famous for. The Baker Hotel was to be grander than any outside of a metropolitan area, it would rise 14 stories, have 450 guest rooms, 2 ball rooms, a bowling alley, a gymnasium, and a beauty parlor. It was also to be fully air conditioned, which was a luxury, have valet doors which allowed guest to put their laundry in and have it cleaned without being disturbed, and key lock controls which turned on and off lights and fans when guests entered and left the room.

In 1934 Theodore Baker began going through financial difficulties and passed the Baker Hotel to his nephew Earl Baker. Through-out the 1930’s and 1940’s the hotel went through great prosperity. Decline came in the 1950’s and Earl Baker announced the close of the hotel in 1963 after his 70th birthday. It was closed for 2 years but in 1965 local investors leased the hotel from Earl Baker, but this revival was short lived when Earl Baker was found dead in the Baker Suite of a heart attack. In 1972 the Baker Hotel closed its doors for the last time.

As of 2010 the Hunter Chase Private Equity company announced plans to purchase and reopen the Baker Hotel with a budget of $54 million. The plans include enlarging the current 400 guest rooms into 155 rooms and keeping the 3rd floor as a luxury mineral spa. It is said that these plans will take 2 years to complete once financing and capital are obtained. As of 2013 there is no word yet.

It is reportedly haunted and was even on an episode of Ghost Adventures.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Really unclear about the satellite dish…

Where is the Baker Hotel? You can check out this haunted establishment with these coordinates. 32.809498,-98.111435.

Featured image Mark Fisher / Wikimedia Commons.
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