Abandoned church of the chicken

Abandoned Chicken Church – The Pigeon House of Prayer

The Pigeon House of Prayer (also known as the Chicken Church, the Bird Church, Rumah Doa Bukit Merpati and Banyak Angkrem) is near the main road of Jalan P. Diponegoro near Borobudur, the city of Magelang, the province of Central Java, Indonesia.

The church that looks like a chicken is actually a pigeon. The Pigeon House of Prayer began in 1988 when evangelist Daniel Alamsjah had a vision from God to build a House of Prayer in the shape of a pigeon. In 1994, with the help of funding from larger institutes Daniel Alamsjah began constructing the Pigeon Church. The project neared completion and this church was to be a place to unite Christians from all around the world.

Unfortunately, the project was never fully completed due to lack of funds. The Pigeon House of Prayer was a place of healing for those who are suffering from drug addiction, disorders, occultism, victims of violence and more. The church still offers many services but it is unclear whether they use the building since some of the interior floor is falling away and they have another building. Evangelist Daniel still hopes to finish the prayer church one day.

Interior of Indonesia abandoned church

chicken church abandoned

Here you can check out the church groups website.

Where is the abandoned ‘Chicken’ Church – pigeon house located? You can find it with these coordinates. -7.60562,110.180629.

Aerial view of forgotten chicken church

All images used and license under CC BY NC 2.0. All images by Paul Williams / Flickr / ironammonite.

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