WWII abandoned bunkers

Abandoned Bunker of Monte Moro

This bunker and these other shelters are on the Via Caseggi, near Corso Europa, in the city of Genova, coastal region of Liguria, Italy.

The history of the bunker on Monte Moro is pretty small or just relatively unknown. It is pretty large and goes down into the mountain sides. The basements of these places even held ammunition. Viewing some pretty wild stuff, there is even an abandoned and burned car inside one of the bunkers tunnels. All of these tunnels and bunkers and other buildings date back to World War II.

world war abandoned places

abandoned WWII bunker in Italy

Where are the bunkers of Genova located? These are the coordinates. 44.390341,9.01905 and it is also up the Via Caseggi to the bunkers.


Images 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are courtesy of Matt.

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