Tintic Abandoned Mill and Refinery of Goshen

Located near Goshen, Utah and out of service since 1925 you can find this forlorn ore reduction mill. Processing the ore in an outdated way caused the closure creating the Tintic abandoned mill.

Along the open land of Genola you can see the remains of this large concentrator and structure. In the small time frame of 4 years the highest productivity annually was up to 200 tons of ore. Another local mill around Eureka provided the metals used here. Reduced after transportation and refined at Tintic. This process is what led to the mill’s abandonment even though it was part of the Tintic Mining District.

Harold Mill is another name for Tintic.

Warm Springs has heavy metal pollution thought to be cause by Tintic which lies below the establishment.

W.C. Madge designed the refinery in 1920 and it processed gold, silver, copper and lead. Deciding to place it on the western slope of Warms Springs Mountain

Tintic Abandoned Mill

The mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It is classified as ruins. Amax Arizona Incorporated was the owner at the time.

It was the only mill in America using the Augustin process at that time. A process involving roasting and leeching the ore changing it to Chloride.

Lastly, graffiti now covers almost the entire complex. All that remains today of this crumbling structure are iron and drain boxes, leaching tanks, roasters, crushers and water tanks. Any former machinery is now gone. It is now a popular off beat attraction.

Furthermore, you can just head to Goshen, Utah. Travel down East Main Street until you come to South State Road 141. Then take a right onto State Street Ext and head down until you see it on your left. Here are the coordinates 39.957607, -111.855172.

Finally, images are from the Library of Congress.

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