Dunmore Estate and Milkbank House Abandoned in Scotland

Dunmore Estate

The ruined Mansion of Dunmore is nestled in a grove of trees at Dunmore Estate Park in South Alloa, forever abandoned in Scotland.

Architect William Wilkins was commissioned by the 5th Earl of Dunmore to build the mansion in 1820. Consequently by 1822, this sprawling mansion of stone was completed.

Until 1911, it was occupied by the Earl and his family and then remained as a private home until 1961. Then it was made into a girls school until 1964 when it was abandoned by the owners. Dunmore Park and the mansion has fallen into disrepair. Furthermore, with no roof to protect from the elements the interior is crumbling into decay. Now, it is registered as a Building At Risk on the Register for Scotland.

Where is the abandoned Dunmore Estate located? You can find it with these coordinates and explore! 56.082638, -3.793688.

All images used and licensed under CC BY NC SA 2.0. Photos by Brian Smith / Flickr / Delphwynd.

Milkbank House

You can locate this ruinous home along the Water of Milk in the county of Dumfries an Gallowa (Dumfries and Galloway), Scotland. The Milkbank House was built in 1895 by architect Frank James Chambers Carruthers.

William Ogle retired to his mansion home in 1897 and served as a JP for Dumfries.

It was built with several editions to different areas being 2 or 3 stories tall. Styled in Scottish Baronial architecture, also referred to Scots Baronial, which draws into the Castle like appearance of this estate. Above all, the structure is listed as At-Risk by the HES (Historic Environment Scotland).

Furthermore, the kennels for the dogs can be seen below.

At a certain time after a war torn period it was sought for the demolition of the home. Furthermore, it was de-roofed and gutted instead of destroyed. Now abandoned and dilapidated like many other historical buildings abandoned in Scotland.

Finally, you can find this home using these coordinates. 55.072329, -3.347515.

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Paradasos.

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