Constanta Romania’s Abandoned Hospital Casino on the Sea Coast

Cazinoul din Constanta lies along the side of the vast black sea. It has a sanded white exterior with decaying interior and has stood since 1910.

First drafted on the same spot in 1880 was a wood building, the Cazin, used to hold balls or plays or other events. This building was destroyed in a storm in the later 1890’s and was demolished in 1902. Thus began the initial drawings in 1904 for the Casino seen today. Several architects were initially called on but always changed to design the grandiose building. First, it was given to draftsman Petre Antonescu, who would design the building in a traditional Romanian style but it was later transferred to Daniel Renard, who stylized the design in Art Nouveau (English for French style).

Located near the Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, this Cosmopolitan Era luxury building offered 2 tables for pool and 7 tables for card gambling to help fund the costs of the building. It grew into a stage of decadence for many wealthy patrons and drew a lot of attention from the surrounding area. It had a ballroom, reading room / lounge, a beachfront terrace and was to include all the more spacious places in between including a kitchen, theater and stage, gallery and delightful pavilions.

Later renovations, restorations and slight modernization were added in 1936 and later in 1986.

The Casino was made into a hospital for the wounded during the World Wars but reverted back to its original state afterwards.

This building is set to be renovated in fall of 2015 and the cast is set to run over 10 million Euros.

It is said that the casino has been used time and time again as a movie set, back in its day and into the now. Do you now what movies this building has been seen in, if so tell us below!

Where is the abandoned Casino Constanta located in România? You can find it with these coordinates. 44.170495, 28.663373.

Images 1 – 5 by Knitspirit and licensed under NC ND 2.0.

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