The Homowack Lodge – A Borscht Belt Hotel Abandoned in New York

The former Homowack Lodge is on 359 Phillipsport Road North in Wurtsboro village, the town of Mamakating, Sullivan County, in the Catskill Mountains, New York.

The defunct Homowack Lodge was one of the many Borscht Belt summer resorts in the Catskills that are now abandoned. The resort resides near the Homowack Creek, where it derives its name. The history of the Homowack Lodge is scarce, when it opened was probably in the 1920’s or after and its decline ran through the 1970’s through possibly the 1980’s, like with the Grossinger’s Resort.

The Homowack Lodge in its prime offered many things to do such as physical activities like tennis, bowling and swimming. It also offered relaxing things like a theater stage to watch performers, a cocktail lounge and regular lounge.

The eventual decline and extreme decay of the Homowack Lodge increased over the years. An incident that occurred in 2009 of the lodge being used as a girls camp with a new name Machne Bnos Square, cause much controversy.

The town of Mamakating had cited numerous violations and tried to have the camp shut down, it was not until the New York State Department of Health intervened that the camp was closed. The campers and staff were endangered by the toxic mold, exposed wiring and insulation, and there were fire safety violations.

Where is the abandoned Homowack Lodge located? You can find it with these coordinates. 41.658774,-74.431332.

Images used under Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic, images were under this license January 20th, 2014. Images by Jonathan Haeber [Flickr/Tunnelbug].

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