The Abandoned Victorian Tree House in Florida

The Victorian Tree House can be found at 17346 Powell Road, Brooksville, Florida. 34604.

Originally part of a large complex and former nursery or business this incredibly thought out tree house is one of a kind. It has begun to deteriorate beyond repair since most of the windows were broken out and the weather has gotten in. With vaulted ceilings and decorative wall paper, a kitchen and bedrooms, this 3 story miniature house has it all. Possibly, this may have even been an adult tree house seeing as it had a full kitchen with a refrigerator. The dual stair way up to the entrance is a really nice touch. The trees growing around the little house have really accented it in a mystical manner. It is located just at the back of the abandoned house that is near the center of the property.

The entrance to the driveway of the home is covered in brambles and is obviously all overgrown. The many buildings on the property are also abandoned and falling into decay. There are neighbors on the left and right and it resides just above the Hernando County Airport. The property has been dubbed the ‘Honky Ranch’. Allegedly, a few people were ‘busted’ for growing a certain illegal plant somewhere on the property after its abandonment.

Where is the abandoned Victorian Tree House in Florida located? 28.489733,-82.440361.

Images from Imgur album Honkey Ranch.
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