Polish Psychiatric the Abandoned Owinska Mental Hospital

Abandoned Owinska Mental Hospital is a decaying historical landmark. It’s dark history has left its impact on this village. Furthermore, over 1,100 patients were murdered from here in 1939.

Certainly, the second World War was fraught with unspeakable acts. Ominous and dark halls are now what remains, a reminder of the past. It was opened in 1838 as a Greater Psychiatric Hospital. Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Beschorner was the first head director of the hospital. By 1871 the facility had 120 patients and by 1878 that grew to 204 people that needed treatment. When 1939 came there were over 1,000 patients. With the onset of the Second World War, Nazis arrived at the hospital in Owińska and took many of the patients into the wooded forest and shot and killed them.

Mass Graves

28 mass graves were dug for the bodies. Later, gassing at the Fort VII; (Konzentrationslager Posen) death camp run by Nazi Germany became the fate of the remaining patients from Owinska Mental Hospital. 78 children were among this group. Aktion was the name for the second stage, which was removing the remaining patients to the camp.

Hospital staff is said to have not known what was happening. Afterwards the mental hospital was turned into barracks for SS soldiers.

In 1944, part of the buildings were destroyed as an effect of the War. The hospital never reopened.

Doors with an ornate design can be seen above.

Columns in a room with large windows. Textures floors and high ceilings.

Some more recent ish reports of this place say that the basements were completely flooded in pools. Others state some sort of renovations from owner. It does seem that in more recent years extra windows have been boarded up, as a result.

The walls are sloughing away. Peeling back bit by bit. Possibly from layers of paint or due to exposure from weather. Many windows have just been boarded up through time. Also, the hospital has been utterly abandoned for over 20 years.

In the late 2000’s early 2010’s these buildings were purchased.

Abandoned Owinska Mental Hospital

Finally, where is this hospital located? Owińska Psychiatric Hospital can be found from either Poprzeczna Road or Kolejowej Road, Owińska, Poland. Also, you can find it with these coordinates in Poznan County. 52.511760, 16.980542. 

Also, photos courtesy of Zuzanna Kazmierczak and Lukasz Szudarski.

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