Encore Garden Abandoned Amusement Park in Taiwan

Encore Garden, an abandoned family theme park, is located near Zhuyuan Lane in Taichung City. It has been officially closed since 2008.

Encore Garden was a bumping facility that offered a water park, roller coasters, outdoor plays and shows, bug and other exhibits, plus more for a crowd of over 1 million a year. Head of the game, Encore Garden was considered one of the best theme parks in the Taichung area.

In 1999, there was the 921 Earthquake in Taiwan that disrupted much of the life in the region. The earthquake allegedly destroyed some facilities at Encore Garden, beginning the onward financial struggle. Business pick up was slower than before the earthquake and eventually people in the area began phasing out of this smaller family theme park. By 2008, Encore Garden could no longer stay open and everything was left, almost overnight. Displays still remain soliciting facts, bumper cars stuck in spots of mud, empty swings and forgotten chairs all wantonly left behind.

Currently the land is privately owned and its future and pieces will become dismantled, demolished or relics of another time. In 2013, it was noted that small efforts to dismantle the park were underway.

Where is abandoned Encore Garden located? You can find it with these coordinates. 24.175438,120.758844.

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