Abandoned amusement park

Dadipark Abandoned Amusement Park “Where Child is King” – Decay in Dadizele, Belgium

Formerly located in the town of Dadizele, Moorslede, Belgium.

Dadipark is centrally located in the midst of Dadizele and was a recreational attraction starting from the 1950’s and lasting until its closure in 2002. It opened under the influence of a local pastor, it evolved from a simple playground for tourist children to an independent theme park. It did not focus on large attractions but rather being an affordable place for smaller children. In 2000 a boy lost his arm on a water ride called the Nautic Jet, this unfortunate accident was the worst in a recent bout of bad events for the park. Afterward park goers began to complain about the safety of the park and visitors to it steadily began to decline. In 2002 Dadipark announced that it would be closing for renovations, but failed to open its doors again.

Sadly in July of 2012 demolition for the park began, with the removal of the buildings. The deterioration and decay continued and restoration or re opening of the park will never happen. Graffiti and vandalism has also had its toll on Dadipark. Though in the final image from Google Earth it does look as if some things remain, like the largest slide.

Entrance to the Nautic Jet Attraction, where the boy lost his arm.

Images used under the Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported, images were under this license December 27, 2013. Images by P. J. L Laurens.

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  1. Correction:
    the boy did not lose his arm. it was broken and they fixed it through operations.

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