Abandoned Kiska Submarine A World War II Relic

Decaying war relic, an abandoned Kiska submarine from World War II that lays greatly untouched from Japanese-American conflict.

This forgotten submarine resides on Kiska Island (also known as Rat Island) in the Pacific Ocean.

In 1942, the Japanese invaded the island. The US reclaimed the island a little over a year later in 1943 after the Japanese left the island. The group of men who died here during World War II, have a plaque established here and were part of The Amphibious Task Force 9. The remains of these Kiska submarines of Alaska are one of the remnants of the conflict that occurred here.

Abandoned Kiska Submarine

This type of submarine blast are believed to be from demolition charges. Another submarine, the USS Grunion was found of the coast of Kiska. This was in 2007 and just some 3,300 feet away. Kiska is only 22 miles long with a with at its widest of about 6 miles.

These midget submarines (also called mini subs) are built to be operated by 1 or 2 people. Although, it can be operated by up to 9.  These types of submarines have no on board accommodations for crew members. Mother ships were usually nearby to dock the sub because the crew would need a place to sleep.

Subs like this were generally armed with torpedoes and mines involving detachable side loads. It is now noted as a wartime relic, having been documented by the National Park Service.

The island is used as the idea for Skira in the video Game Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising.

Evidence of War

Kiska displays evidence of war to this day. Equipment part caches, trenches / tunnels, gun particles, shipwrecks and more all remain on the Aleutian Island.

To go to this island, special permission is needed.

Most of the islands were only recognized through there use of the Aleutian Islands Campaign of World War II. “The Forgotten Battle” is what this tug-of-war became known as after World War II.

Finally, you can find this island with these coordinates.

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Images from Buzz Hoffman

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