Abandoned Cook County Hospital in Chicago

Located along the 1800 block of West Harrison Street in Chicago, Illinois you can find this dilapidated Cook County Hospital abandoned.

Certainly, outside detail like cherubs and faces on the facade are really a work art. The columns on the face of this old building add to its stately feel.

It was stylized in the Beaux Arts by architect Paul Gerhardt St. with Griffiths, John, & Sons. The grandiose look is probably what has kept the building from being demolished.

Opened in 1857, it flourished. By, 1916 the expanding hospital had some of the best doctors in Illinois. Above all, it is recognized as one of the first blood banks in the world.

Abandoned Cook County Hospital

Furthermore, after the closure in 2002 a new hospital was opened.

The hospital has been empty for over 14 years. Talks are under way to remodel this building into apartments, shops, hotel, offices and more.

This would be done in phases possibly taking upwards of 15 years. The estimated funds to rehabilitate the building and area is in the price range of $500 million+. Hence, the delay.

As a result, most of the local community disagree with making the site into housing in the Illinois Medical District. Some think maybe a museum. Possibly because this would be to not take away from the many advances Cook County Hospital had made. The National Register of Historic places documented the hospital in 2008.

Princess Diana of Wales visited patients here in 1996

Fun facts : This was the hospital used in the 1990’s Harrison Ford movie, The Fugitive. The fictional hospital on the drama show ER is allegedly based loosely off of this medical facility. Finally, I call it Murder, the 1979 documentary from BBC reporting on the difficulties faced by the staff.

Lastly, you can find the abandoned Cook County hospital facility with these coordinates. 41.873863, -87.672989

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