5 abandoned schools for presidents' day

All across the United States lays many abandoned, forgotten and unwanted properties. In particular today, the focus will be on schools, where many of the youth first learn about the Founding Fathers. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are the general focus on Presidents’ Day but it also is set toRead More →

2 Abandoned Homes of Leesville

Just mere footsteps away from each other, you can find 2 abandoned homes along Leesville Road, the area of Timberlake, Campbell County, Virginia. A stone’s throw, a neighbor, two properties abandoned and adjacent to one another. The first house, more modern, obviously underwent fire damage. Caution tape still lingered fromRead More →

Caserne Niel Abandoned Graffiti Haven

Quartier Niel is along Rue Hortenserue and De Marechal in the district of La Bastide, city of Bordeaux, department of Gironde, region of Aquitaine, France. Alongside the Garonne river lies this historic military establishment. The remnants of a former train yard just behind it remain. Deliveries were made at thisRead More →

Rachel's Long Forgotten Inn

Rachel’s Inn is abandoned at 9522 Forest Road (Route 221) in the community of Goode, Bedford County, Virginia. Beloved for its cold drinks and hot southern food this 1950’s styled diner was very popular. Due to unforeseen reasons this venue closed some time ago! It is 1854 square feet ofRead More →